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Born in Virginia - Dad ran a TV (floor model) shop so my first toys were TV knobs and an old PlaySkool bus. I can still remember the flood of ‘85!

I loved getting up on Saturday mornings watching cartoons all by myself. Well, me and our dog Muffin. He was a black weiner dog with a bent ear and a stubby tail. He-man, Fraggle Rock, Thundercats, and The Muppets were my favorites. I think Muffin preferred Scooby-Doo.

I don’t play any instruments unless you count the kazoo and spoons. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano though. Being able to do that wild hand thing that Jerry Lee Lewis used to do would be awesome!

Music is a big part of my creative work but I don’t really have a favorite. Everything from Conway to George. From The Beatles to Whitesnake. From Elvis to Michael. From Eminem to Bowie. From AeroSmith to the Rollingstones. From…eh, you get the picture. If I can get down with the tunes, then I crank it up!

I didn’t draw a lot as a kid but I used to color in my coloring books for hours. It was my favorite thing to do…after watching cartoons of course. Sometimes I combined them (ooooohh, ahhhhhh)!

Originally I was going to be an accountant. One class in on the discussion of assets and debits and I was doodling on my graph paper. Not long after I discovered graphic design which landed me a communications degree and then an animation degree.

I’ve used my art to help save Rhinos in Africa; helped a little boy figure out how to take care of his pet dinosaur, shared a story of a squirrel and a chicken’s summer adventure, and described the perils of a little girl who loses her favorite penny.

My two boys are my world. Having teenagers in the house guarantees no leftovers, funky smells, and constant pranks. I’m so proud.

My studio assistant - also known as Goosebumps - is an orphaned boy of a stray cat that was dumped off at our house. He’s the last surviving tabby of the litter and has made himself right at home. He works really hard, as you can tell. The studio just wouldn’t be the same without him.

Clients include:

  • Clear Fork Publishing

  • Nikela Wild Life Organization

  • Underneath the Juniper Tree Magazine

  • Common Deer Press

  • MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing

The Assistant

The Assistant